Monday, February 13, 2017

New HTC U ULTRA Phone Coming out

New  HTC U ULTRA Phone Coming out

HTC U ULTRA  Coming out in March 2017. These days, we have been hearing about the upcoming HTC U ULTRA but no trusted information were found. That is why in this article we will write provide all the info and details which relate to HTC U ULTRA coming out, including the releasing date and design also specifications and much more. This new HTC phone coming out is barely one of the strongest in smartphones market, it is believed that it is going to have fictional sales as HTC is used to do with other product such as HTC ONE MAX and others.

New  HTC U ULTRA Phone Coming out

HTC unveiled these days trying to call and to send some invitations to the media for the 25 event which is its conference, in this conference will occur lot of interesting stuff and the foremost one is releasing its new phone coming out which is HTC U ULTRA , and it was the date release March 2017 .

About the design, this new upcoming phone  design according to some rumors and leaks.. Now, let us know which specifications will come this new HTC phone and see if better or not ( why note to discuss it in the section comments down ) :

⓵ - 🕝  Expri . release 2017, March
➁ - ðŸ“ą 170 G ,  8 mm thickness
 - 🖁 1440 * 2560 pixels 
 - ðŸ“ē  4GB Ram 
 - 📷  12 MP  2160 P
 - 🔋  300 MAH  li-lion 
 - ęĶ–  Android  OS , V 7.0
⓼ - 🏊  64 / 128 GB Storage , Micro SD card slot 

  • 16MP, with HTC UltraPixel™ mode
  • 2G/2.5G - GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • 12MP (HTC UltraPixel™ 2 with 1.55Ξm pixel)

Features : 

This specifications fills your need ? If not feel free to contact us. Anyway, according to the specs above this phone is awesome. Now, let us talk about the price, this new HTC phone coming out will $749 .

Finally, this article about New HTC U ULTRA  coming out in March 2017 surely was so speculative. If you are still not subscribe CLICK HERE to subscribe because we are always getting more information and updates so size the free opportunity. Waiting for your discussing  below. 
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